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Password Depot can help you manage different kinds of passwords and keys
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Password Depot can help you manage different kinds of passwords and keys. In this respect, it supports storing not only website and email passwords but also credit card numbers, software licenses, EC-cards, general information and even encrypted files.

Besides the main application, the program installer will also install add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer and Google Chrome. These will save you the inconvenience of continuously retyping passwords. This way, the application will run from the system tray and become active when it is needed.
The program’s interface has been nicely designed, and it even comes with various themes. Although the program may seem not very intuitive at first, I am sure you will not have much trouble using it once you have taken some time to read the accompanying help file. Luckily, it supports two modes: Expert and Beginner; and an additional mode can be created by customizing the interface features.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Password Depot is its sophisticated security mechanisms. In fact, the application is certified to be used even in the environments with strict security standards. It is good to know that the developers have implemented strong encryption algorithms.

Special attention should be paid to creating your master password, though; for the one with access to this password will have extended access to all the passwords you store. That is why, the program will automatically assess your master password’s strength and give you recommendations in this regard.

More than just that, the integrated password generator can create virtually uncrackable passwords for you.

Besides, the program protects your master password against brute-force attacks by locking the program for three seconds every time an incorrect password is provided. Other security mechanisms include protection from keylogging (a virtual keyboard is available), traceless memory, protected clipboard and fake mouse cursors.

Not only are master passwords securely protected but the contained passwords are also safe. One of the most important ways to achieve this is to define basic security requirements that all passwords should meet when they are created or changed. In addition, the program can be set to warn you before a given password is due to expire.

Password Depot will undoubtedly spare you a lot of work. It is absolutely well-crafted and deserves your attention. Since it has a trial version, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports multiple types of passwords
  • Add-ons for browsers
  • Two modes: expert and beginner
  • Strong encryption algorithm
  • Integrated password generator
  • Strong protection mechanisms


  • Difficult to use at first
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