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Few software applications care more about your data’s safety than Password Depot. Its extremely high level of security, its encrypted connections, and its long list of configuration settings guarantee that anything you store in its databases (from passwords to credit card details or bank accounts) won’t be accessed, ever, by anyone but you.

It is so complicated to go through all the locks and chains that the program puts on your data that its claims of being “uncrackable” seem nothing short of absolutely true. While other password managers and data lockers spend more resources in offering you a versatile set of data managing tools, Password Depot is clearly focused on security. The list of safeguards used not only to protect your master password but also your data usage within the program is impressive. The list of options and settings offered to the user to customize their use of the tool may look a bit overwhelming at first, but going through all of them to define the program’s behavior does pay off.

All you need to remember is your master password, which you can generate using the program’s built-in password generator. It produces maximum-security passwords with up to 24 characters out of a set you define. The program encrypts your information using the AES algorithm or Rijndael 256, allows you to use a double lock by combining your master password with a key file, locks itself for three seconds every time the master password is entered incorrectly and backs up your password files in the storage device of your choice. As for your data, it offers you advanced keylogging protection (including a virtual keyboard), traceless memory, clipboard protection, and fake virtual mouse cursors. Data is stored in databases that you can define to suit your needs. You can create records not only for your passwords but also for credit cards, software licenses, bank accounts, EC cards, etc., with different templates for each type of data.

No other data protection tool offers a similar level of safety, both at the user level and at the enterprise level. Its Enterprise Server allows companies to safeguard all the information of their employees and of the company itself in the most reliable way possible, allowing their users to access to their encrypted data using their mobile devices without running any risks.

Password Depot takes personal data security to the next level. Suitable for both individual users and entire companies, this affordable security solution is at the spearhead of data protection.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Protects passwords, documents, folders, and all sensitive data
  • Includes a powerful password generator
  • Organizes your content in databases
  • You can use custom icons to identify your databases


  • Requires going through a long list of configuration settings
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