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Password Depot 3.2.3

It is a password software using which one can save and manage their passwords
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Password Depot is password software using which one can save and maintain their passwords securely. The tool protects the users passwords even during viral attacks on the system. It boasts to have the best security by using the yet to be cracked Rijndael 256 algorithm. This certainly boosts the confidence when one views the product for first time. The tool provides flexibility in storing the passwords which include system, memory stick, internet and LAN. Also the tool has a password recognition which recognizes the correct password for the website. These features are a definite attraction for the users.

The other features include storing important data, data mobility, etc. which gives an edge over the other similar software in the market. The password algorithm also makes sure that the user created passwords are within the safety limit else provides a warning message. It ensures that the quality is not compromised. Access to several other users can be provided using this software. This feature is present in only few types of software.

With a good graphical user interface and extensive features this product is sure to suit most of the user’s demands in the market.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to work on
  • More security and flexibility
  • Very convenient
  • Individual settings
  • Better Quality


  • Messages displayed in edit window are too wide spreading across the screen
  • The cost of tool is slightly on the higher side
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